We are a medium-sized Polish family company which manufactures shoe products and accessories. We have been on the market since 1996. Our team is both professional and helpful. It is able to solve problems the company and its customers...

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Why eco?

What are Cocciné ecological products and why could they be called "ECO" with a clear conscience? The basis of the recipe are human-friendly and environment-neutral components, based on natural ingredients such as beeswax, vegetable fats, natural aromas and dyes. They are also produced using state of the art technological achievements. Packaging is recyclable (aluminium, paper, glass).

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We produce them in Poland - we try to minimize the carbon footprint of our products and look for supplies of raw materials in Poland or Europe.

In 2019 we installed photovoltaic panels and we use electricity from renewable energy sources for production.

We use glass packaging or aluminium bottles with atomizer, without spray gases (100% of the agent).

Packaging from biodegradable raw materials and/or for recycling.

Products based on water, safe ingredients, ecological detergents, natural waxes.

We have introduced technologies which transform production waste into the form used in other areas of activity.

Ecological precepts of clean footwear:

  • Shoe care products may leave their mark on the environment, both during the production process and when they end their life as packaging. Therefore, choose those which are "eco" and care for the planet.

  • If you use shoe cleaning and care products, read what you are buying and try to choose the ones which are as neutral for the environment as possible. When choosing shoe care products, first of all read the instructions for use. This will allow you to use them properly without having to repeat the steps. You save time and the amount of product you use.

  • Ecological products are safe for the family, household members and animals. They do not cause allergic reactions, so they can also be safely used indoors.

  • The choice of ecological products reduces the consumption of competitive chemical products.

  • Not only products but also insoles are ecological. Plastic rubbish, which ended in the sea, thanks to recycling, is used among others in re-production of Cocciné SEA&FOOT CARE insoles.

  • Insoles can be produced not only from recycled materials, but also from biodegradable ones. After a plastic bag is thrown away, its decomposition is estimated to be between 10 and 20 years. Discarding an insole made of cork and natural linen, you will not leave a negative mark on the "health" of the Earth.

  • Belief that organic products are expensive, is a myth. Their cost of production may be higher than that of classic, chemical ones, but gain is visible elsewhere - they have no negative impact on health and the environment. Because they are not based on solvents or mutagenic parabens, they don’t destroy shoes.

  • Don't throw away heavily soiled shoes which got boring to you. It's a waste of the environment and your money. You can still save them. Choosing ecological shoe cleaning and care products you will refresh their appearance.

  • You have real influence on what you choose - by choosing wisely you care about your future and children's.