We have many consumer dilemmas: how often to buy shoes? What kind of shoes to buy? Leather ones? Textile ones? Or made of so-called "eco leather", namely plastic? Due to respect for the earth's resources, first of all let's use fewer pairs of shoes. We should choose only durable shoes. Which means that before buying, you should learn a little about the material - see the obligatory markings of raw materials used. Leather shoes in general are the most durable and most susceptible to care treatments. At the same time, even if they are heavy, their hygienic parameters are very high, because natural leather breathes, maintaining a more favourable microclimate inside the shoe. Although textile shoes are not durable, they are cheap, airy, light and comfortable. The worst in comparison are synthetic materials - artificial, polyurethane "leather". Sometimes this material is not even particularly toxic, but it is not hygienic, promotes development of microorganisms, feet sting. These shoes are cheap, but they are also less durable, irreparable and not suitable for care. These are the shoes we most often buy and throw away. In this category there are also rubber flip-flops and so called crocs.