Go through your wardrobe

Buying new shoes every year is not only an extra expense, but also unnecessary pollution of the environment. Make sure you always have the right cosmetics and accessories at home so your shoes retain their original shape, vibrant colour and natural shine. When a new season comes, take them out of your wardrobe and give them a thorough treatment that will make them look like they've just stepped out of a beauty parlour. Afterwards, take care of the inside of your shoes with Eco Deo deodorant and protect them with Eco Protector waterproofing.  

Environmentally friendly material

If you do decide to buy a new bag or shoes, make sure the material the item is made of is eco-friendly. Cotton, although biodegradable, is rarely eco-friendly - it takes a lot of water and chemicals to produce it, so make sure it's labelled as organic when you choose it. The most widely available material on the market is still polyester, and because plastic bottles are increasingly used and recycled - this may prove to be a better choice for you and the environment. Coccine Sea&Foot Care insoles, for example, are not only made from recycled ocean trash, but are packaged in a paper envelope for simple recycling.  

Don't use - sell

A new handbag, gloves or belt makes everyone happy, and approaching spring is a perfect excuse to purchase new accessories. But what to do with the old ones? Give them a second life. By donating or selling your items, not only will you make someone happy with their new purchase, but you'll also create less waste. Before you take a photo and list your items on one of popular online platforms, take a little time to clean and maintain them. They'll look nicer in photos and you'll get the right price more easily. Eco Clean cleaning product and Eco Cream care cream will restore the precious look of smooth grain leather.   What if the items do not find a new owner but you really want to get rid of them? Drop them off at the free-standing Eco Textil or PCK containers. They will be recycled and a part of their value will be donated to charity.