Earth. Our home. A blue, beautiful planet which has created an ecosystem so varied and colourful that it can impress at every turn. We enjoy its blessings, natural resources and crops. We are just one of its inhabitants – us, humans. Wonderful, noble, wise and capable of great things. But also very materialistic, blind, or maybe blinded? We are a threat to our own species. Global warming has become a fact, and no one seems to deny that it affects our everyday life. But much more worrying is that new species are lost from the planet's surface every day. The insect apocalypse has begun - in the USA, 40% of the honeybee population died out in 2019. Thus, the survival of our nurturers - insect-pollinated plants - is in danger. That is why it is so important to stop this trend, to change the thinking of consumers, because the thinking of governments and chemical concerns cannot be changed without our action. Every year, two million tonnes of footwear waste are disposed of in landfills in Europe alone. They emit unimaginable amounts of toxic substances into the ground. This has an impact on the ecosystem. It is easy to understand why it is more ecological to look after shoes than to replace them.